Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Stuban's Preparations

Election Day
I never thought before that i'm nominate to be d' leader in stuban. And guess whats next? Voilla, i'm elected to be the leader in that election. I think it wud be great to be the leader and i've gud stuff in my mind. i never thought that my story begin. .

1st day
i've made my first meeting. i still dunno what sud i do, i dunno how to begin the meeting, and everythings that relate it. it b'coz i never be d' leader before. So, this is my 1st xperience, and i try to do my best.

We talk about d'committee, the show,bureau,and everythings that relate it. Actually, i wanna resign from all of this responsible b'coz of some reasons. First, i affraid if i can't do my responsible well, then there is some accident when i borrow key room to my leaders program. I broke his glasses. Oh GOD, i'm embarrassed b'coz this is my first time conversations and i've got mistake. I mean BIG mistake.

The result of that meeting are my committee reject me to resign (it wud be great responsible for me for the next day) and everyone got their own job to do. Next day wud be the busy day. :)

I hope, everythings wud be allright..

1st week, 2nd week, 3rd week, 4th week
There is a lot of situations that almost made me give up. It looked like i mess it up. It starts from distrust (i mean about from never communication then sud adapt) from each committee to others, bureau selections, communication with "the top", and a lot of problems that i don't wanna remind again. And the bad thing is, in the middle of that month, i had mid test fo 2 weeks. Hmm, i can't concentrate my test well.
In one point, i thought that i can't do that, i can't continue this. Until in the middle of that night, i cryin' in silent. I dunno what sud i do for the next day. I've no confident to continue my responsibility. In my pray, i hope everythings runs well and work the best for all.
GOD, please bless me and help me to make it easy. In the morning, i wake up with new spirit and strength enough to face my day...
Thanks GOD. U're my everything.
the gud things is we can get closer and our friendship can be better than before.
Last week
Counting down...
Just hope everythings gonna be okay and runs well.

P.S : to much pain that we've felt and got. But we did our best we could.
I believe after a hurricane comes a rainbow.

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