Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend in Mojokertensis

Ahaha... Last Saturday i move to Mojokerto, East Java. Actually, i just spend my weekend in my friend's home, Ayu. Without any important preparation, well, yeah, i just spend 1 night in there. hehe. I just bring 2 clothes, and my 600D, of course. hehe. We went there by motorcycle from my boarding house to Arjosari Terminal, and then get a bus to Mojokerto. 

Here the plot if u wanna go to Mojokerto from Malang by Bus. First, u must go to Arjosari Terminal. Then, u get a bus to Surabaya and drop in Japanan. The fee is not too expensive (well, if i prefer use economy bus to executive's one) at least IDR 7000-8000. It tooks 1.5 to 2 hours and it depend on the street situation whether it crowd or not. hehe. Then, from Japanan, u must got a bus toward Mojokerto. Fyi, Japanan is in Pasuruan area.

I arrived in her home at 7 P.M. Olala, it night already. Then, i took a bath, pray, had dinner aaanndd sleep. Soo tired and i had a stomachache problems. Sigh. I wake up at 5 A.M, pray subuh, and sleep again, haha. At 8 A.M My friend ask me to accompany her to market and i ask her to accompany to go around Mojokerto. Well, win-win solution, right? haha. 

Here is the documentation we took when in there. Enjoy it. :)
Mojokerto Station in the morning :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lahor Dam: Between Blitar and Malang

Lahor Dam

So, here i am. After facing 6 hectic days, then, on Sunday, i have plan to hang out. haha. Actually, i have no plan that i will go nowhere. Yeah, thats because i dont know exactly where is the good place surrounding Malang. Haha, poor me. :') But, then, i ask my friend to accompany me to go to somewhere. Then, he bring me to Lahor Dam. 

So, last morning sunday, the sky was cloudy. But, it doesnt force us to go there. Yeah, i feel hectic in several days, because of, you know, i've got some problems and need to go out for a while to refresh my mind. hehe. Ah, life.It must be filled with some problems. Maybe because the reality doesnt same with what we expected. Life without problems is never ever exist, right? Then, to have a happily life, it depends on how we treat that, right? hehe. Because we dont need to think that life without problems is perfect life. Thats soo untrue. Perfect life is when we happy facing this life no matter how much problems we face.

Ok, back to topic. hehe.
Well, Lahor Dam is next to Karangkates Dam that separated by the bridge that can accross for transportation such as car, bycycle, and motor. It took almost 2 hours from my boarding house, Malang. Oiya, because that day was Sunday, i have pay 17.000 IDR for entering the park. hehe.

The way from my boarding house to Lahor Dam

Lihat Peta Lebih Besar

Oke, here is the photo my friend's took for me. Enjoy it. :)

The Scenery From Above the Bridge
Left bridge view