Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome Ramadhan

Everyone has it own way to celebrate this special month. In fact, 1 day before in Indonesia we know "padusan". It is when we "taking a bath" together (i mean just swimming or make ur body wet) in the beach, river, swimming pool, or etc. It is not a must, but most people do it because they believe that it can clean up their body (i mean physically and mentally) to welcome ramadhan.

When i was a young teenage, i and my village's friends go to Parang Tritis Beach to celebrate it. But, we cannt go home early because the way home was so crowd. we have to wait inside our bus so long, and i hate waiting. We go home late, in the midnight. And because of that, i could not attend tarawih together. I feel so regret and i dont want do it again.

For me now, it just a tradition that u can do it or not.Whatever u will do, thats ur choice. Hehe.

At the end of this moments, every people is ready to buy some clothes, snack, and other things to welcome Ied day. I don't know why they do it. But, when i was a kid, my mom always buy new cloth for me before ied day, and i like it because my mom rarely buy new clothes for me. :). But, in process of time, i know it doesn't matter u wear new clothes or not in ied day, because there is another important thing to show off. It is ur behavior. U have to do and think better than before. Mature is a long process and everyone should go through it. So, cheer up and do everythings ur best with ur best own way.

The last thing about ramadhan is holiday travel. In Indonesia we call it "mudik". It is a moment when you come back to your home town. Thats very nice, i think. That is a time when all of our family meet together in their home town after they leave to the other far place for some reason, like work, marry, and etc, and i call it "silaturahmi". But, for me, silaturahmi not only i do when Ied day, but also you can do it every time u want, right.?


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Library Internship Program

What a fun..
I'm 5th grade now, and i should thinking about intership program for 6th grade. And thats for the next 5 month again.. What a clever. hehe.
For me, this time is for mature and think seriously about the future. Hope i can get the best place for me to develop and increase my skill and my knowledge about my major.