Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend in Mojokertensis

Ahaha... Last Saturday i move to Mojokerto, East Java. Actually, i just spend my weekend in my friend's home, Ayu. Without any important preparation, well, yeah, i just spend 1 night in there. hehe. I just bring 2 clothes, and my 600D, of course. hehe. We went there by motorcycle from my boarding house to Arjosari Terminal, and then get a bus to Mojokerto. 

Here the plot if u wanna go to Mojokerto from Malang by Bus. First, u must go to Arjosari Terminal. Then, u get a bus to Surabaya and drop in Japanan. The fee is not too expensive (well, if i prefer use economy bus to executive's one) at least IDR 7000-8000. It tooks 1.5 to 2 hours and it depend on the street situation whether it crowd or not. hehe. Then, from Japanan, u must got a bus toward Mojokerto. Fyi, Japanan is in Pasuruan area.

I arrived in her home at 7 P.M. Olala, it night already. Then, i took a bath, pray, had dinner aaanndd sleep. Soo tired and i had a stomachache problems. Sigh. I wake up at 5 A.M, pray subuh, and sleep again, haha. At 8 A.M My friend ask me to accompany her to market and i ask her to accompany to go around Mojokerto. Well, win-win solution, right? haha. 

Here is the documentation we took when in there. Enjoy it. :)
Mojokerto Station in the morning :)
Me with Genta, Ayu's Cousin~ Same style, huh?
Mojokerto Post Office

Cute-old- Letter's Box
Mojokerto's Square

Regent's Office

Benpas ~ Sunday Market
Child catching fish~ Cute :D
Reco :D
Do You know Reco? It is a kind of snail, that can cure people who have ache (such as asam urat, pegel, linu, etc). It spiced with Lodeh flavoured and the price is cheap, anyway, only 3000IDR for 1 plastic. Dare to eat this? haha.

Waiting to ate sosis :D
Thats a little journey of my weekend. See you in the next journey. :)

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