Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wisata ke Malang

what a long time since i visited this blog...
Miss this blog so much. :D (ok, ini terlalu lebay..)
I gonna tell u 'bout my last holiday with my friends in Malang..
We spent 3 day and 2 night in there. Actually i didnt prepare a lot to go to Malang. I just brought some clothes, and snacks. This trip start at 10 P.M in boulevard of UNS. The first destination is breakfast and take a bath.. U can imagine that we arrived in there at 4.30 A.M. How cold it is to took a bath..Brr.But it's ok. After took a bath and breakfast, we continued our trip to the leather craft's shop.
U know that, we went along the Sidoarjo street, a place where the hot mud is. How terrible is in there. Next destination is in the Jatim Park 1. How amazing it is. I tried some games in there. It was very faboluous.

What Face Do U Wear?? --@ Jatim Park 1

Kesenian yang mengagumkan  --@ Jatim Park 1

Look! Thats ME, Berani kann?? :) --@ Jatim Park 1

The last destination is Batu Night Spectacular (BNS). There are so many lamps and spectacular games. I was so excited but i was tired.

Di Batu Night Spectacular... Amazinnnggg :)
That is my experience when i went to Malang..
Hope next chance i can go there again and enjoy the exciting athmosphere in there.
Bless me, GOD.


  1. asyik emang di batu suasananya yang d1ingin dan mendukung. jadi ingin kesana lagi

    salam juga dari magetan dengan pesona wisatanya

  2. iya. Jadi pengen ke sana lagi. ..
    Kapan2 ke sana lagi ah. hhe,
    sampai ketemu di sana.