Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Part Time Story

21 September 2010

I pass first test in part time test @ upt perpustakaan UNS.


God, gimme all the best for me, for all.


18 Oktober 2010

I accepted to be part timer in UPT Perpustakaan UNS.


Thanks God...

U'll always gimme everything my best.

5 November 2010

Maybe it's late to tell 'bout my story when i was in there.

My life to be part timer is not as easy as people say.

We must obey the rule, ready to be tired and busy girl everyday, no holiday except "the red day", adapt with their society, and etc.

Before we could work as a part timer, UPT held the aprentice for newbie for 1 week. That the biggest week that make me to be a busy-tired-horrable girl.

We must obey 2 coordinator in there, UPT worker and the older part timer.

We must shelving 2.5 hour, take a lot of books and reorganize them into call number. Then, we have 1.5 hour to be worker in the part of library.

4Januari 2011

Work is not a piece f cake..

Working to be part time reopen my eye to face the true life.

It make me appreciate with the value of hard work, patient, and accepting.

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