Saturday, December 19, 2015

Me Time

What 's your "me time" looks like? Is it sleeping? reading a book? travelling alone? 
I guess you have your own different "me time". I just wondering what's yours? Well, weekend is the best part to do that activity. Sure, you just need to relax for a while to fullfill your energy and spirit. Since today is rainy, then i just dont want to go anywhere and stay at my boarding house. No, i am not doing some procrastination of something, i just want to stay. Hahaha. My 'me time' activity is like coloring my drawing book, reading a book, or just taking a nap. Dont you know that taking a nap only can be done in the weekend? Me, of course. I dont think that it can be done in weekday at work, right? 
Ok, let me show you my drawing book. This book was published by renebook and the author are Tria and Khalezza. It is nice book actually. I found that my feeling is much better after i color the ilustration.
Coloring, Reading, or Listening the music

 And here is the result....

Thats all my creation. Then, whats yours?

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