Friday, July 25, 2014

Counting Down to My Hometown

Well, its been so busy nowadays. Actually trying to looks like busy, hahaha. Oiya, today i will go back to my hometown. Aaaakk, so excited. I've packed my utility since tuesday because of my excitedness, haha. Well, i will go home with my sister. She has arrived to my boarding house from bogor yesterday. We will use train, but we have to transit to Bandung before arrive to Solo. Why? So this is the story....

Three month ago, i sleep lately, waiting the clocks spin to 00.01 to check KAI's website to order ticket. 10 minutes before, the website running well, without interference. But, when the clocks spin to 00.01, everything has changed. Yep, problem loading error. Sigh. 10 minutes after that, finally, i can enter the website, but, unfortunately, the ticket has already sold. EVERYTHING. pfft. i check from different destination, they're already sold for July 25, 2014. What a mess!!
gambir station

Because of that situation, i change my destination. I have to transit to Bandung. Yes, I go to Bandung on July 25, 2014 on 7PM. Then i will go to Solo in the next day. I hope this plan running well, because, i looking from the website that destination to Solo from Bandung is not that full. Ok, it means that the next day i have to sleep lately again.

The next day has came, i start to watching the website. And again, for 15 minutes, the website server is down and after that the ticket has already sold. What the.... How could KAI doing this to me, I think that it must be bad player behind it. But, i still have positive thinking. I still refresh the web and found that train from Bandung in evening has available. It must be someone who return the ticket. I finally bought this one for 2 people, me and my sister. After got that ticket, i still looking for the ticket for saturday morning because it took very long time for me and my sister to waiting from friday to saturday evening. Almost 2 day. pfft. And finally i found another one, and yes, it must be people who return it. I got 2 ticket for Lodaya Pagi at 7A.M so i dont have to waiting for long time. This is means that i have to return the first ticket in station. 

Well, i'm not sleep well, i got panda eyes, dizzy, i want to sleep, but i have to return the ticket to station. Then, i went to station accompanied by my friend, Mbak Yuni. We walk into there. In the Gambir station, i found annoying situation. When i print my ticket and waiting in line to return the first ticket, i saw man who print about 200hundred ticket in front of me. What the annoying situation. Then i ask the ticket officer, maximum booking ticket, he answered only four which is online or buy directly in station. Then, i point my hand to the man i saw that he has printed too much ticket, how could he buy that much. But, the officer just answer maybe he is agent. pfft. If only agent can buy that much ticket, in my opinion, there must be a back game behind it. It must be the agent has work together with KAI to blacklist the web so people like us cant buy it by ourself. There must be unfair. If it true, why they dont talk clearly to the passenger. Ah, it so annoying.

The important of all is, i can go back to my hometown eventhough i have to transit and waiting, but its oke lah. Cant wait to see my family soon. I miss them soooo much.. 
I'm happy.... :D

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