Wednesday, March 26, 2014

(un)Surprisingly Gift

What a lovely day. haha
I've been come back from my hometown. Yeah, i've been there for several days. Mmm, actually just 2 days and one night. What makes me feel so heart is when my friends gave me surprise for my late birthday. Yeah, i never been make such a celebration before unless just having dinner with my friends or with my family.

I usually make a gathering with my friend when i come back, well, just having dinner, or just visit to my friends home. We usually talk about something that happen in our life, like love, job, gossip, who's marry, and etc. So, in that time, when i visit my granny, i make a appointment that we'll meet at ISI, because i want to eat roasted corn and bakso bakar. Deal, we'll meet at 5 p.m.

So, at 4pm, i made a call with Ferry, to pick me up from my home. Unfortunately, he just woke up. So, the appointment would be delayed. Just after he arrived to my home, suddenly rain. It force us to wait again. At 7 PM, We went to ISI. Firman has waiting for us in there. We share a lots until Ferry permit want to fill gasoline. But, it taking for long time. I worried, why he went so long until almost one hour. So, i text him, but no replied, i made a call, he said he still on the way. But after that i got text from him that he ask Firman to make another conversation to me because he still had a preparation for surprising me. Poor him. He send wrong person. Hahaha. Me and Firman laughed. Then, i call him to go back soon. 

Then, he gave up and ask me to go to place where he was waiting for. Oh my, i laughed so loud and it heart me. He light candles that unfortunately total just 21 not 22 for my age. Hahaha. Thats so funny. I really appreciate them. Big thanks to my friend. Love you all :)

ps: The surprising one is when i heard a women sing javanese song while no one heard it unless me. So scary. And Surprisingly.

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