Friday, November 1, 2013

Simple Happiness

Happiness can come with a simple thing. How come? It just as simple as be gratefull to what you have got. ☺ For example, for me, when i can see happy smile of peoples around me, when i can enjoy sunrise every morning and feel the fresh air. Simple, right? How could? Yeah, it suppose to be, how if then you compare your morning when you got flu which is mean you got headache and sniffles ☺
Oiya, i just browsing, reading timeline of @arbainrambey , that in Indonesian Language called kepo, which, actually i just saw lots beautifull photos; some uniques, meaningfull, even funny, i though. Then my eyes stick in this photo about cardinal rule of lifes. Check this out, guys!
Source: this
At least, after see and understand what is the meaning of that photo, we can feel a little happier than before, realize that everyone can be happy with their own way. You can't fullfill everythings you want, you can't get everything. I know life is never be easy. Sometimes we laugh, get down, upset, angry, but, by gratefull to everythings you have got to GOD, you can feel better. Because you only life once, make every single step and day you have become better and better. Smiileeee ☺

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