Friday, September 13, 2013

Halloooo September

Haloo, September. 
Its been very long time since i had wrote my last post yet. Actually i promise to my self to keep writing 1 post every week. But, you know, its hard, and i've failed :(

Well, oke. In this post, i gonna tell you about observation. This is not about thesis. No, no, i wont tell it, i am not capable in it, haha. This is about people around us. We live in sociality which mean you have to interact with each other, directly or indirectly.

For me, it is little difficult to adapt when i am in sociality which contain a lots differencies of age, culture, even education. Previously, i dont know nothing about it. I dont know what should i do and say. But, as time goes by, everyone will learn with their own way, including me. The key is observe first. Try to hear what they said and did. From that, you will learn how to put your self to interact with them. Basically, it would be a little difficult to conclude how character he / she is for the first time meet. But, by hearing, and observing, you will see a little clue how to interact with them.

Thats all i know. CMIIW :D

PS: this post i write because last afternoon, my friend told me about how to interact with people. Nice meeting :D

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