Saturday, July 20, 2013

Flies so fast

Bromo Mountain from Love Hill View
Bromo Mountain from Love Hill View

Time flies so fast, huh? Sometimes, it make me in hurry when finally it come to night again, morning again doing the same thing. Moreover if you have routin activities. Ah, sometimes it can be boring. But, well you know, everyone always have their own routin activities with their own periodic. It is absolute. No one can change it.
No one can't be perfect at all. Thats why it can concluded that we are ordinary human~ Ntun

Somehow, i am human who never that far for mistakes. Sometimes i screw my life with my bad asumption about this life, complaining my self, blaming someone or something, and another things. I know this is bad for me. But, somehow, i cant handle it by myself. I can't control my self perfectly to do perfect life without mistakes. I know this is very impossible. No one cant be perfect at all. But, at least i love my imperfect, perfectly. hahaha

GOD will give everythings we Need, not what we Want, eventhough we can't understand why. But, as time goes by, we will know why it happen to us~ Ntun

Not of all our wish can be true just like what we want. But, believe that GOD will give everythings we need, not what we want. Eventhough by now, we just dont realize why this situation happen to us. But, someday, you will know it. It just the matter of time.

If you can quit, do it. If you can't, stop complaining. ~ someone

What we can do know is do our best to live our life, keep praising, stay calm, and stop complaining. Its hard, indeed. But you can if u try because the hardest part is to start of something. When it come to be habit, it will be easy, i thought, and i am learning to it. i'll trying my best. Ganbatte!! :D

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