Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear You #2

Dear you, my future...
Its been a long time, i havent greet you yet, hehe. Are u okay? Oh, you must be okay in every single day, because in here, i am not only praying about my self, my family, but also praying to you too. :)

Dear you..
I'm sorry i still have no courage to say " hey, you, i'm your future, and i am pretty miss you". No, i dont mean that i dont want to do that. Actually, i really-really want say it to you, but, you know, i think today isnt good time, is it? I think that you still busy with your world, your appointment, so, i dont want make everythings become messy because of saying like that, hehe. I'm not egoist, am i? hehe. I still learning to it, because you know, somehow, we have a lots differencies, and thats why, solidarity and respect is really needed for our life, of course. hehe.

Dear you,
In my quiescent to you, maybe i am thinking about you. haha, indeed. I miss you so much.  Oiya, Can i use this emote :*  to you ? U wont complain, will you? hehe.Oh, i must be so ridicilous in your mind when i write this, haha. 

Dear you,
Enjoy your life now, be a better and more, and at last, have a great day. See you in right moment :)

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