Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kondang Merak Beach

There are a lots tourist resort in Malang. Indeed. :) It starting from historical building such as Brawijaya Museum, Public Place such as Alun-alun Malang, Bromo Mountain, and Beautifull beach. This is my first time go to the beach in Malang. Well, i went there accompanied by my friends. So, in Shiny Sunday, i went there at 11AM. How hot it was, i mean the air. hehe. It just take 2.5 hours from Malang to Kondang Merak Beach. Well, this road is same with when u will go to Balekambang Beach.

Then, whats the different between the other beach, Ntun?

The different is u will feel the really adventure when you go there. Really. It is because the road is so slippery. Beware if you go there when rainy day because there will a lots puddle of water in it. Indeed. But, it so much fun, anyway. The scenery was sooo amazing, awesome. Subhanallah. :)
Oke, lets the picture tells you a lot. :)
Here it is....

The Scenery of Kondang Merak Beach
Hastag of Kondang Merak Beach : Feel the adventure :)

Well, Kondang Merak Beach divide into three parts, i though, the main beach, center, and the rightest one. And i think, the rightest one has the most beautifull scenerey with lined coral. But, it take a little time and patient when you go there because you have to accross the coral and mini forest. hehe. 

This map is the way from Alun-alun Malang to Kondang Merak Beach. It Located in Desa Srigonco, Kecamatan Bantur  Kabupaten Malang 
Oiya, the real adventure condition will you felt in the first hastag. hehe. U will accross the puddle of water, slippery soil, and rocks. Here is the preview.




Blue Sky :)

Gate of Kondang Merak Beach
Me :)
Me in the main of Kondang Merak Beach
Main of Kondang Merak Beach

i like the shape of the tree :)

This is the preview of the center of Kondang Merak Beach :)

Way to go to Center Kondang Merak Beach, across the slippery and big corals. Be carefull yaa :)

Coral in Kondang Merak Beach
Contour of the center of Kondang Merak Beach
Clean Sand and beautifull branch


 This is the preview of the rightest one of the beach. Full of big lined corals. :) Amazing :) But, its take a patient to go there. Really adventure. :)

Across a mini forest :)

descend of the corals

Coral Line in Kondang Merak Beach
Sky in right Kondang Merak Beach

Sky and coral in right Kondang Merak Beach. I love the sky :)

Well, this is my travelling story about Kondang Merak Beach. Hope you like it. :)
And, see you in next travelling :)

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