Friday, February 8, 2013

Dear You #1

Dear you..
My future..
Do you miss me and thinking about me now?
I guess you do because you have to, haha.  *hammer

Dear you...
When i write this, i am not only missing you, but also my families too. U won't be jealous, will you? hehe. I miss them so bad, and you either. Well, that because u'll be my family too, in my future of course. haha. #blush. Somehow, it is not about distance who make it become so missing all of you, but my heart did it well. Haha. Actually i can't express my feeling clearly. And i am easily missing people, including you.

Dear you...
I cant stop asking and praying to God when we'll be meet again. And God will do it in the best time, place, and condition, right? Maybe, today (still) isnt good time for us to meet and know each other. Maybe God still preparing my self to be as best as i could to fullfilling your life. Or may be i still bad enough to meet you. Well, yeah, may be. I dont know dear, only God know why. hehe. 

Dear you...
As time goes by, i'm trying to be better girl. I know i have a lot of disadvantage in myself. That's why i still prepare myself, so someday i wont make you shame choosing me to spend the rest of your life. haha. In this time i know i'm not ready enough to say hello and introduce that "hey, you, i'm your future :)" to you, eventhough may be we have met in somewhere.

Dear you...
I cant be perfect at all. Indeed. Thats why i need you to fullfilling my life and you need me to fullfilling your life. So, its not about accepting me the way who i am, isnt it? Its not about me. Its not about you. Its about us and our future family someday. hehe.. 

Well, you know, sometimes i stubborn, selfish, headstone, childish, and some others bad thing from me. But please, don't go. Please stay with me how worse i am and help me to be better. We need each other. Please, keep fullfilling our life.hehe. 

when, i write this, my dad calls. You know, i am so excited. Finally i can hear that voice again. hehe But, i still cant hear my mom, sister, and my brother's voice. They still needed by someone else. My mom and my sister still help my uncle's wedding's ceremony, and you know, my brother still work. And you know what, my brother have a promise to make a chat in this friday night. How excited i am. And i feel so blessed :) I am so adore my family members. It means i adore my dad too. I wish someday you looks like my dad, which is in every single times take care of his family. hehe. 

Well, i want you make a promise to me that you will take me to see the sky, won't you? Just two of us. hehe. I just want to enjoy the sky with you. hehe. Am i egoist? Ah, in this promise, i dont think so. haha. I do love sky and you either. hehe. 

this is not the end my post about you. Somehow i am not posting about you, thats not because i dont missing you. I just have no word to write something else. I am too speechless to keeping  hard my feeling to you. hehe. 

Dear you,
take care of your self, yaaa.

Your future,


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