Thursday, January 10, 2013

Feeling so Unwell

Sometimes, i think that i just i dont know what i'm feeling right now. Feeling so absurd. Too much stressed force my mind to think. I dont know whether it just me who sometimes being thinker or another else. Beside, a lot people gimme some opinion that depends on their point of view eventhough i dont ask them to gimme different perspective. Eventhough they give it away, but it make me being more stressfull. Yeah, i'm little depressed on what should i do.

I know that maybe i'm too scared facing the next, facing what will happen in my life. I know, may be my problems just a tiny dot than yours or them. But, i stuck in it. I stuck in my feeling. I stuck in choosing a choice. Sometimes, i think that maybe i'm being the antagonist one. Hurt another's heart. May be. May be i'm too egoist to let it go.
One of my friend said that life must go on, no matter how the future will bring you, the result is not the important's one, but the process how to get it. Thats because, the result is a fate that even human cannt change it without GOD's permission. At least we've been trying.

Yeah, sometimes i try to enjoy the way it is. But, sometimes, i feel guilty with what i've done. I think that this is wrong, i shouldnot did it. i dont know, i just do what i want to do eventhough...

Then, what should i do to stop it? What should i do to make everythings running better? i've mess it. :(

My mind change to be 2 sides, 2 perspective. They talk each other,  fullfilling my mind, and it make me a little more and more complicated :(

Oh, GOD. I'm sorry. Please enlight my way. I know YOU will not give me problems more than what i could.

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