Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grow Up

Hei, folks..
How r u?
Is it better than yesterday?
Not bad, but i dont know whether my life today is better than yesterday? -_-
Well, i'm not gonna tell you about my love story because i have no mood to tell about it. There is another story that i gonna write in my blog.
*ok, prolog above is weird*

Kata orang, menua itu pasti, tapi dewasa itu pilihan. And i'm trying to be mature. I'm trying to grow up even the reality that it is hard for me to do that.  Being mature is a long proccess anyway. But, in my honest opinion (IMHO), being mature is being yourself better. Just be yourself, the way who you are. Of course with good behaviour and have good impact for others.
In this life, there are a lot of problems that we're face. It looks like grasses. Even we cut it, but another day, it will grow again. So do i. I've facing some problems too. Some people were false when they said that my life is okay without problems. Sometimes, i just dont want they know it. 

I'm so gratefull still given a beautifull life with a lots colour covering my life until now. Sometimes black colour covering my day. Sometimes a failure and disappointment make me complain. Sometimes, my plans and hope doesn't match with reality. Sometimes it make me wanna cry. Sometimes i think that i want give up from some problems. But, at the end, realizing that i have to being mature girl, i have to stand and be strong. I believe that i can face it and enjoy the step on it.

Thanks GOD for give me this life ... :')

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