Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dream and then wake up to make it real

Dreaming is an easy thing to do.
Everyone can do it easily. 
Dreaming about something.

But, because of some reason, they break it easily too. keep it in their mind without make it real. I dont know, i do it sometimes. Just keep it without make it real. In my logical opinion, sometimes my dreams is too high, too hard to make it comes true. Thats because the biggest enemy is a fear in yourself. Your mind sometimes can motivate you even destroy you.

But, i believe in a qoute that say: 

Dream and then wake up to make it real. After u trying as best as u could, GOD will do the rest

Some of my dreams in my dream's list come true, even better. Eventhough sometimes it bitter. But i believe that it is the best for me in GOD's point of view, not in my opinion, of course. Just be gratefull in every condition. :)

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