Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Relation Called Friendship

Friend is my second family. In this social life, every people need someone who can be shared with and help with; of course with some rules. Ok, let me make it simple. We know, we are in social life. We live surrounding by some peoples whether we know it exactly or "just know" or stranger. How brave we are, we cant live alone, right? We still need others help.

We cant looking for perfect friend as hard as we are being the perfect one. A good friend is not the perfect one, but the one who tell the truth, always invite to be good impact for others, and reminding us when we're false. Its not easy, i thought, but we can if we try.

I realize that i always make some mistakes, annoying, and a lots discomfort behavior. And all of you, is the best one, even not always beside me, i like that togetherness because surrounding by all of you make me heart.

I'm sorry if i sometimes i still being head stone. Iam glad and so lucky having all of you. Thanks for giving all memories about us. Thanks for making me feel this way. You rock, guys... :')