Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trapped In The Past

When our hope doesnot appropiate with the reality. It hurt at the first time. But it gonna be blessed if u try to change it. There must be another best solution for you.

Once in a while, i am trapped in the past. Sometimes i am too stuck in my past memories, whether it nice or bad. Yeah, sometimes, i remember bad memories and think why that could happen to me. Hmm. Yeah, sometimes, i dissappointed with what i have done. I always said to my self, "if only i.... and bla bla bla." And it tears me up. Really.

Well, sometimes i'm too press my dissappointed into my deepest heart and ensure me that everythings gonna be ok. Well, it work. Sometimes. But, in some case, it getting worse. oh, GOD, forgive me.

Dont Dreaming too much. Wake up and DO something to reach it 

to be continued...

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