Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sounds Weird, But..

So, one of my friend suddenly asked to me, how i live this life, because he think that i always looks happy.. Well, i think a little longer to answer it. Then, i answered that he really dont know who i really am. 

I mean, that good time and bad time run together. No one have good time forever or bad time forever, right? Sometimes i got problems that make me cry, but i've a lots of fun in my life.

One of my purpose in this life is to be HAPPY. Thats my choice. Yeah, at the first time, i have to looks happy to be. I believe this sentence "U are what u think". Our minds persuade our behaviour, right? So, beware of your mind. It could change your behaviour and appearance, of course. 

So, be positive, even its too hard to do, even the world doesnt treat you as well as you want, and even a lots problems appears. 

The important is, be gratefull to what u got, no matter its small or huge, and it hurt or tears u up.

PS: thanks for reminding me, friend.. U make me learn a li'l bit of life :) 

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