Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ujian TA

Well, akhirnya TA ku di acc juga. hehe.. Sounds great, right. haha. Well, after everyday visiting my lecture, finally i finished it. hehe. So, after that, i have to prepare to my last exam, starting from collecting letter, fullfill the form, asking for signature, make an appointment with the examiner.hmm.. So tired, but mostly amazing. :)

Menuju Ujian Pendadaran TA

Well, the exam was determinate. Its on Wednesday, May 16th, 2012. Okaayyy.. I was soo worry.. The previous day, i have to prepare the snack and the consumption for the examiner and my friends, with my friend of course. So, we, me and Jessica will take an exam together. hehe. Actually, in that day, i still waiting for my friends exam, Budi, Desi, Utami, and Tena. haha.. Most people who will take the exam, they will stuck in their house to study, but i'am not. I can't. Stuck in home just make me more worry. hmm. And, fyi, i still can't sleep until 11 PM. Argghh..

So, here it is. May 16th, 2012. 
I leave my home at 6.30 AM. Then i arrive in my boarding house at 7 AM. Then, i and Denis, my boarding's friend go to bakery to buy some snack. Then, go to campuss at 8 AM. Poor me, i forgot bring laptop. Then, i ask my boarding's friend to bring it for me. Thanks friend... :) The next thing is, me and Jeje dont get room for exam.. Arghh.. After looking for some room, then Pak Mawar announce us to use MAP room. Thats actually for lecture room. But its ok lah.

09.00 AM
My examiners doesnt come yet. hmm. Sooo worry, of course. How if they forget if they should examine us? hmm..Actually 09.15 they're come.

This is when me and jeje examine by them.. After doing a presentation and answering a lots question, finally, we accomplished it. Even with some revision we have to do. hehe..

Then, i waiting my friends exam, Ajeng who have a same time with me. After that, i go back to my boarding house for take a rest. Then, when i want to go back home, my boarding's friend (Anna, Denis, Dian, and Endah) gimme a gift, A SPONGEBOB's doll. 
Kyaaa, i liiike it sooo much. :)
Thanks guys...

Tampang setelah ujian TA \(0.o)v
Gift_ Spongebob doll. :)

So happy today. 

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