Friday, April 27, 2012

This song remind me of you

This song is for you, boy.
I just remind of you when i write it.
This is looks like what i felt a long time ago,
the time that i really fallen..
#stuck in Friendzone. But it was long time ago...

Stuck in Friendzone

There's something about you
the way you move, the way you look at me
There's something about the way you see things
its like a change of scenery
Everything about you, I just want more of

but don't get any closer
if this will last a little longer

There's a chance I'll find myself saying (there's)

nothing, nothing i can do
to keep my heart away from you
i can't help it
i can't tell you how much i try get you off my mind
to help me move on and just live my life
I can't help it
I can't tell you how much I try

('cause) whenever you're near
its love that i fear

i've been in this shell
and I can't tell if I'm living at all
I've been doing well on my own
but maybe its just me who I'm deceiving
Everything about me, leads right to you

oh, I want to get closer
but let me doubt a little longer
'till i turn it over and give in ('cause)

fear of falling so helplessly
fear of losing, losing control

#Melissa Polinar_Try

But now, i think it gonna be different.
I just try to let it go.

U'll be my friend, my besties..ever,

That should be.
That would be better, 
for me, you, us, and everyone.
Because i know that u like someone else,
not me.


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    1. Lagunya belum pernah denger langsung sih, cuma liriknya ngepas aja ama perasaan waktu itu :p

  2. ouw..perasaane cah absurd kie pie to?..kacic tw yaw..