Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Internship Partners

Well, it's been too short, i mean, the time we've past for internship..hehe, Even, at the first time i thought that it would be a loongg internship, but, at the end i just realize, that it so much fun anyway. its gonna be funny when we dunno if that day gonna be our amazing day. #weird. hehe.

Yeah, honestly, before i went to Malang to did that internship, there was a little bit hesitation in me. Really. So much question spinning in my head. In that time i thought that could i survive enough in there, could i be more independence girl, could i adapt with new places, and so on. Well, y'kno, im the only girl in that group and i'll go to somewhere new, so far away from my comfort zone, my home. #hammer

Bromo View in Penanjakan
Pananjakan_Bromo view _April 1, 2012


Actually, at the first time, i'm not close enough with both of my partners. I had to doing a little adaptation with them. Just to build a cohesive team. Yeah, because we're partners. As time goes by, there's a lot simmilarity and dissimilarity, of course. Because, each people aren't same, right. In some point of view, we're different.

We've gone through good and bad times. We've some different opinions. We've support each other, we help each other, sometimes we mock or tease, and we've got some missunderstood. Yeah, sometimes, both of you doesnt treat me as a girl. Do y'kno that girl and boy are different in point of view, act, and etc. In that time, maturity is needed. We have some advantages and disadvantages in our potension. From that, we learn how to be mature and respect each other.

Really, from both of you, i learn a lot, not only good things but also weird even freakin' things, #eh? :p. I learn how to be independence girl, how to socialize, how to be respect, and many things. Oh ya, i also got 'special' tips that it looks to be weird tips, i thought, hehe. Do you remember it? Tips how to acquaint someone new? I gonna laugh if i remember it. :D. The others funny things is when i see both of you just after wake up from your sleep and accompany me waiting my travel's car come. Your face is funny. Really, and natural of course. :p

I know that sometimes i force my ego and make some difficulties for both of you. I'm so soorry. Do you remember when i ask you to accompany me to buy something? Do you remember when i ask you to help me to find out my STNK that almost lost in previous day? Do you remember on march, 26th? Do you remember when you sick? And there are another memories that i'll not forget in that moment. hehe.,

I also remember your unique words, such as B: "oklek", "heleh"; W: "santaaaiii","ra masalaahh", "oyi". hehe. It looks little weird, i thought, when u spell that word, hehe.

At last, i am so gratefull having both of you as my partners, my friends, and my brothers. Thank you for teach me and responsible for me. Thanks for everything. And i'm soo sorry if i have a lot mistake for both of you, and make both of you discomfort because of me.

I hope, after this, we can be a better person, of course, we can make our parents proud of us, and our friendship will be everlasting :)

For my partners : B and W

Alun-Alun Batu
Alun-alun Batu _March 11, 2012

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