Saturday, March 3, 2012

Magang di Malang, Wellcome March, :)

Yaiy, finally i post my first post in lovely march. haha, (weird -__-"). Well, there's too much story i want to tell'y. But, i thinks its better to talk a little bit right now (yeah, because of my modem signal, so i have to write it fast). Actually i can write it when offline, but, i prefer post it online immediately to offline. Wokey, back to topic. hehe.

Y'kno, i'm in MALANG right now. :)

Its soo wonderfull city, religious exactly. :), little bit cool (i felt so cold and icy when the first time i arrived here, and i gotta flu, but today i'm better. I think i've been adapted, haha )

I have to finish my internship as a requirement to make a final project in Library of Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang  for almost 2 month. How long it is (for me that i've never been go far away for long time ). Hmm. Actually, this is almost 23 days i've been here. hehe. And i gotta little homesick, *sigh. I miss my family, especially my parents. Whooa, miss u mom, dad. I wanna cry actually, but i have to be strong girl, rite.

Living in here, make me learn a lot. I've learned how to be independence girl, more closer to GOD, mature, and sociable.  I think so, hehe

The people are nice enough, even sometimes i dunno some words, hehe. It sounds different and make me have to ask the meaning, haha. 

Oh ya, special thanks for both of my partner (Budi and Wikan), who have accompany me, treat me as well as your sister, teach me something new about life and weird things, haha. I hope, everythings will be alright and we can be better person after here and be successfull more than our parent (we have to make them proud of us, hehe), and i hope our story can be better than "negeri 5 menara". Haha, to much word "and". At last, i hope we can build our dream and make it happen immediately.

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