Thursday, March 8, 2012

Almost lost my STNK

Pertolongan Allah itu dekat sobat.. :)
Malah lebih dekat dari urat nadi kita.
Apalagi setelah kejadian ini.
I am so gratefull and blessed today. :)

It started from this morning, when i checked my pants pocket to check my STNK. And, u'kno what? I've got nothing. What a day! Astagfirullah... I've tried to calm down. i took all things in my pocket out in the table, yet, i still got nothing. But, i still tried to take a deep breath and thought that maybe it just slip in my bag. Then, i checked my bag, i took everythings out, but i still got nothing.
What the FUN!! Yeah, It's not fun anymore.

GOD, i lost the precious thing in here, in MALANG. i'm kinda hazy. There are so many reason why i really worried about it. First, my parents will be very angry with me (So, i didnt tell them first). Then, it mean i cant go anywhere without it (include internship, bcoz the valet ask us to show our STNK) and i should look after it in police. Honestly, i li'l scared if i should go to the police, bcoz it looks that we do something wrong in this world and we're the burdening one, -___-). It is better if the one who serve me in there is a good police, young, and handsome like S****L B*hr*, how if not (#eh?, just kidding)

Whatta careless girl i am in that situation!

I tried to take a deep breath (i did it continuously to decrease my worry feel). I remember what i did yesterday. Yeah, yesterday after i finish my internship, i get out to parking area with showing my STNK to the valet and after that i put it in my pocket pants. Because of cloudy, i put it in a rush. Then, i went to alfam**t to buy something, but i've found nothing in there. Then i text my friend to ask where i can buy that things. Actually, after i text him, i put my handphone in the same pocket with my STNK. And i didnt think suspicious. Then, i went to Indom****t. I've got nothing again in there. And i did the same thing, after texting, i put my handphone in the same pocket. After that, i go back to the boarding house and tell my friend to accompany me to buy that things in a supermarket. Yeah, luckily, i can remember every single moment in it.

Malang was rain from last night. And this morning, the rain didnt go away. And i think i've lost my STNK. Poor me. I tell to my friend. Then, he shocked and tell to calm me down. Of course i can't bcoz of some reason. Finally, in this rainy morning, he pick me to go to UMM first then go back to his boarding house to pick my another friend. Thank you, friend.

After the internship finished, me with my friend tried to looking for that. First of all, i told to the valet and he didnt find it and ask me to leave my motor number and my phone number. Then, we went to alf***rt, yet i got nothing. When i asked to the valet in there, he ask me to make a pamphlet to announce my STNK. Hmm, that would be another choice (but its not fun anymore if u're well known bcoz of your careless, #duh). I feel li'l desperate, but i tried to calm me down. GOD always with me (i whisper it in my heart). Then, i went to indo****t, the last place before i go to the police. I ask the cashier whether she found my STNK or not. And, MY LUCK. She found it. Thanks GOD, Alhamdulillah. Thanks sist cashier bcoz u save my thing, and Thanks both of my friends, you help me a lot. :)

From that, i learn not to be a careless. The important is, GOD always with us. Then, even we tried a lot to be independence, but at the end, we cannot. We still need others help, because we're social creature (#eh?).

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