Monday, February 13, 2012

Internship Preparation

Internship preparationn???
what the fun?
Soo tired, but mostly amazing :)
It starts from so many difficulty of choosing internship destination. Yeah, you kno, there are soo many amazing place that could be interesting internship, i think so. heheh. Actually, at the first time, we, me and two friends of mine, choose Jakarta. And because of a little problem, we're not choosing it. And then i choose Surabaya, but my parents didn't let me..Okay, the best and last destination is in Malang. Yup, that would be very amazing. Hope so much :)

Well, why i choose them? It is far enough rite? Yeah, you kno, i think the place is support me to do the best internship, nice place, my parents let me, and i want to be independence girl. The last reason is little weird and looks have no relationship with the internship. Ok, i'll tell ya. Because i'm so far away from my parents, automatically, i have to do everythings by my self, of course even sometimes i still need some help from my friends, but, i've been trying right? hehe
So far, we doesnt together to go to there. I go to malang with my mom (yeah my mom still didnt let her nice child to go alone, but im not childish, hehe, she just make sure that i'm okay ) by travel to my nephew boarding house, Buyung. #thanks bray, for everything :) Then, my friends, budi and wikan, go there by theirself (i'll not tell'y just let them tell by their self, hehe ).
the next day, we go to UMM library to confirm that we'll do an internship starting on monday. After that, we have to looking for boarding house. And we get a help of a friend of my friend. His name is Anggit. Thank you bro for your help :). And, finally, we got it in Jetis. my boarding house is not only close enough with my friends one but also near enough with UMM Library. :)
Well, we're ready for an internship :). Hope everythings run well and gonna be okay :)
Fighting :)

#sorry for my bad english, im learning :)
#i finish writing it in the first day of my internship -___-",  next time i'll show'y everything bout my internship :)

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