Thursday, January 26, 2012

Journey of Life

Life is movement..
We have to move or time will take over our life.
Yes, time never come back. It  can't repeat necessary moment for us.
It is important to do the best today for a better future with taking the best experience we did yesterday.
We're not only raced against time but also we have to believe that GOD always give everything we need, not we want. At the end, everythings will become great in good time and right condition.

As we know, that everyone have their own destiny. Sometimes we sad, cry, laugh, happy, fall, broken and etc. You know, life isn't always happy or sad, it move from happy to sad then happy again or whatever depend of destiny and what we do to face it. I believe in destiny. 

And, you kno we cannot go away too long with our parents. When we want to be independence, but actually we can't. Even sometimes, they treat us as if we like a child ( i mean overprotective). Sometimes i feel it " little bothering" me,but i realize that they did it because they care to me and wanna did everything for my best. 

Sometimes, when we gather along in the evening, dad and mom talking about me when i was a child. They tell how hard my mom born me because of my head, how i learn to write, how they teach me to use right hand to write or eat or something than using my left hand even over all it not success :) (bcoz i'm left handed), how i sick until i had to operate my tonsil, my foolish, and everythings that make me smile. Lol :D. But, in my deepest heart, it make me carried away with it. Yeah, it tears me up..

When i remember this, it motivate me to do everything the best i cud. I dont want to make them disappointed. I dont want to make them cry because of me. And sometimes it tense me up. When i failed doing something, sometimes i cried. I dont cry because of my fail, but because i've make 1 disappointed to my family especially my parents. 

I'm sorry, i havent make both of you proud of me now, but i promise, someday, i will..Please support me, and call my name when u pray.. Please pray the best for me..

Your daughter


So, when everythings become so hard...
Just remember what they did to you

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