Monday, December 26, 2011


There's so many face we use to face our problem. The question is what face we take now?
and Why?
Is it reflect our self?

Sometimes we just use ur face to what it should be. We're trying to be ourself, even its hard to do. We smile, we laugh, we sad, we tease, we cry, and every single way we try to show. We use our face to reflect what we feel. But, it just sometimes.

Sometimes, we have to fake our face to conceal what it should be. We have to keep smile even we got so many problems in front of us. We have to hide our sadness even our feel, just to make others doesnt know. Sometimes its true, and it's good if that in appropriate time, place, and context.

But, until when we should conceal this? Until when we should hide our truely feeling.? It doesnt matter if we doing it for goodness. But, how about what we feel?

As far as i know, being ourself is hard, but keep trying. Because as long as we know about ourself, we'll know what face we take now and we're not pretending anymore...

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