Sunday, October 16, 2011

Confession of Broken Heart

I like u sincerely...
without reason.
i don't know why i choose u.
U're an ordinary person.
Even nothing special about u.
And now, i still thinking why i like u.

I don't need u have the same think with me.
I don't hope u to be mine.
Because i know and aware who i am.

I think i've fallen.
It's too deep and left a deep pain too.

I know that i'm not the perfect one u're looking for
I don't know how i suppose to be to make u have the same think with me.
But, i'm tryin' to be my self, the way who i am.

When i'm tryin to go away, u come again to my life.
but just when i get close enough with u, u step backward.
U go so perfectly, leave me a deep flawless.

Maybe it's the biggest fool i've did.
Beautiful and pathetic fool.
Don't u imagine how to be i am?

Don't u know what i'm feelin?
Don't u know "something" when i saw you?
Don't u know, the way i looked at u tells everything?

Now, i'm tryin' to forget u.
But, this ain't go away.
Because its easier to remind than to forget.
Why this d*mn feelin' always follow me?
Covering my way even i pretend nothing happen.
When this feelin' will disappear?
Just make my days chained and doesn't perfect as always.

I know it was all my fault.
My fault because i like u.
My fault because i was selfish.
My fault because i can't stop this feelin'.

I just want to say before it's too late..
"I like u sincerely, with no reason"
And after all,
I'll go away,
pretend nothing happen between us.


  1. poor girl :-/
    ijin copas yah,xoxo

  2. Sippirili,,
    Jgn lupa cantumin sumber yak. hhe
    thx ^^,

  3. ahhhhh....intan, so deep in my heart....
    like my feel now...

    u make me tmbh galau cint....but THIS SO BEAUTIFUL n NICE STORY...

  4. hehe, Lagi musim galau yak..
    tetep semangat ajah..
    thx vo ur compliment..