Saturday, June 25, 2011

Confusing Time

i dunno what shud i do?
i still thinking bout it.
Why this d*mn feelin always follow me..
I'm tryin to forget it, but this ain't go away.
And now, i feel that ur way gettin far until i cant reach u.
U're different, or me?
Dont u know the way i looked at u tells everythings?
But i dunno what shud i do with this feelin.
shud im waiting for u, or looking for someone else to replace u?
Huh, u're success make me frustated.
Dont u imagine how to be i am?

And i totally desperated.
And i broken for several times.
And it hurts me.

And i'm tryin to erase all things bout u,
because i know if i remember u more,
it make my pain getting worse.
But, its hard to forget someone in your heart, rite?

Poor me,
why i can like people like him?
What the fun?

Cheers up girl,
i know GOD will choose the best for me,
and i hope thats not u..

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