Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Sunday

Sunday morning. The sky is cloudy, the birds singing beautifully, the air very fresh, and what else? Hhe, until i don't know the words which can express this moment. (lebay mode on, ^,^).
Today should be the best moment to laze and relax this body and mind. But, i didn't do it. Mommy wake me up when 4.30 AM, before the azan sound beautifully. Huahem, i'm very sleepy. But, i must get it away and prepare to help mom cleaning our beloved home. And after pray, i did what my mom said. This job ends at 8.30 AM. The girl's job of course.hhe.

Then, i take a bath and prepare to go to campuss to attend the SEF meeting. The meeting run fast until evening. Before went back, we ate together in SS. The sauce was very hot until my tears drop, (^.^').

Oh God, i back in the beginning of night. It means that the road was dark, the light was dull until it make me hazy and think twice to did it.
But, i forced my self to do that. I must back home than alone in my boarding house. It increased my courage to go home. When in a half on my way to home, the road was very dark, the light was dull and the light from the other vehicle just make me more hazy. The road was like the way to go to spooky island. No vehicle except me in there, just lonely who was accompany me until go home.
Maybe next time i don't want to back home @ night and alone again. because its look strange to go alone in night and it doesnt safety for precious girl like me (^.^).

God, protect me from everythings bad for me.

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